WikiGraph 1.0a

  • Typ: Tool/ Web
  • Datum: 22.09.2009
  • OS: Win XP/ Vista
  • Lizenz: Freeware
  • Sprache: DE

WikiGraph creates visual topic maps from articles of the english Wikipedia. Starting with one topic the program analizes linked articles within the encyclopedia and plots relations as graph edges. Access to the internet is required when created graphs because WikiGraph loads articles in real-time using Wikipedias official XML-Export interface.

This results in much less traffic compared to the traditional browser interface. WikiGraph ignores images, videos, stylesheet and scripts and only analyzes links within the main article. The resulting graph is self-organizing and tries to position all nodes in a readable way. This may take a few seconds. Its also possible to reorganize topics by hand. In this case you should give connected nodes the time to react to the changes.

WikiGraph uses Open-Source technologies like Sqlite3, TouchGraph, Freetype2, Freetype GL sowie Boost::TR1. Supported export formats are GraphXml, GraphViz DOT and SVG.

Also available: german version